Brides getting fit: slimming down before the big day! Every woman fantasizes about that special day. The day she marries the man of her dreams. She wants a big cake, big dress, big centerpiece. It's the big day, right? But, a bride to be could do without one thing big. A big belly. Every bride wants to walk down the aisle with a slim waist, looking fit. No argument there but how does a bride to be tone down in time?

It's hard not to stress, it's understandable but stress is the biggest prevention of weight loss. Many studies have proven stress and weight loss is linked. It has to do with cortisol, the stress hormone. When we are under stress, our bodies do not wan to lose fat due to the flight and fight response. So how about taking a walk around the neighborhood half an hour each day? A walk would not only relieve stress but help with the weight loss. Plus the wedding plans can't overtake your life. It is ok to put it aside for a bit, just to take a breather.

Start early! That is a key. Losing a pound or two a week is reasonable but not tons right before the wedding. Choose your calories wisely! During Engagement parties, you will want to eat sweets. Do not drink them, because the add up fast. Drink tons of water to make you feel more full. Put a picture of your dress on the refrigerator to remind you that it's all worth it. Try to plan ahead. If you know where will be parties, cake tasting, etc then eat a healthy meal before and arrive full. Bring you and your groom to be closer by working out together. Having a buddy can really help. The support would be good to have through the entire process.

It is important to also add a lot of fruit and vegetables to your diet but remember not all fruits are equal. For example, bananas are high in sugar. A good suggestion is maybe try out a new sport or go hiking. Do something as a couple. Hitting the gym does not always work for everyone so find an activity you both would enjoy. Try something new. It would not only help you get rid of stress and get closer as a couple but it would help shed excess pounds. Keep a food dairy together. Remember, if you do not have a stick figure, you are still gorgeous. Everyone will be so happy for you that they won't be analyzing your figure. Just make sure you follow these tips, pick a flattering wedding dress and maybe an open bar.